90 minute Session

Dien Chan Zone - Facial Reflexology - $114

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the receiver and as a key part this practice, I will provide you with customized at home instructions for self-massage of the face to continue the work alone                for 21 days.

Dien Chan Zone treatment is thoroughly relaxing and offers incredible, often immediate results. It is suitable to treat symptoms presented in the acute, chronic or preventative phases.  Dien Chan or 'Vietnamese Facial Reflexology' is the youngest of the reflexologies to appear on our planet. To date, it is the most powerful of the reflexologies as this stimulation can be performed on oneself independently.

The receiver will lye comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed with their head facing upwards. Many fall asleep, others enter a deeply meditative state and some feel sensations around their body.



'Dien Chan' is a form of reflexology. Reflexology implies the principle that by stimulating one part of the body, another part of the body is rebalanced. More precisely, when the skin (a major sense organ) is stimulated according to established maps which reflect all the organs of the body, the nervous system (central, then peripheral) responds to reach the targeted organ or area.

There is a database in the brain within which all the organs of the body are coded to their correct function. This database is triggered by the stimulation of certain points and areas to signal a reminder that something has been modified to affect this function. And thus the correct functioning can, when possible, be restored.

Dien Chan or 'Vietnamese Facial Reflexology' is the youngest of the reflexologies to appear on our planet. To date, it is the most powerful of the reflexologies as this stimulation can be performed on oneself independently.

•  It is performed in the presence of all 5 sense organs simultaneously 

•  It allows anyone to work on themselves independently, at any time and to combat any symptom in their body, every day, as often as they choose.


The technique was invented in Vietnam through the use of needles on the face but was always intended primarily to reach everyone. The Vietnamese were already working with the face to resolve health problems for hundreds and thousands of years. Indeed, facial massage remains and popular aspect of their culture today.  ​Building upon this local behavior, Professor Chau studied a grid of infinite points and maps (a departure from ancient knowledge) to decipher how the internal organs are placed upon, and connected to, the face. His brilliant and modern intuition led to the depiction of maps for the face and also the body. Therein, Dien Chan in its full application is a 'multi-reflexology'. 

​In the Orient, the holistic attitude towards health is extremely interesting and reminiscent of our own ancient traditions which we have lost in the name of official medicine. Nonetheless, more recently we are recovering such therapies as a means of 'complementary' treatment to be applied in addition to official medicine. This emergence includes our technique.  It should be recognized that in the Orient such therapies are performed in a manner much more invasive than is normal in the West. If we want therefore to save them and to render them viable here, we must translate them to meet the needs of the population with which we wish to share it.


It works to restore the correct flow of energy in the body. The body signals to us a problem by means of a pain or discomfort in the body. Such a symptom indicates an energetic block.  ​An energy block means there is a difficulty in circulation for the energy itself along the vital life force which nourishes our body. It is never a synonym for illness, but only a major request for energy (circulation of blood, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, digestive, sexual and or purely energetic) by one or more organs or systems.  ​With the possibility to stimulate these interesting areas by ourselves throughout the day, we can regulate and encourage the movement of global energies in the body with particular attention to the zone which signaled the symptom.  


It is suitable to aid in the treatment of symptoms presented in the acute, chronic or preventative phases, pains, and conditions.

In the first instance, we would work in first aid mode with treatment of a few minutes to lessen the pain.

In the second instance, we would work with a treatment of 30 to 60 minutes where the chosen system is worked until we are able to achieve various responses. Every time that you work a symptom we intervene to affect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of the recipient with relation to the chosen organ.

In the third case, we would work the most delicate apparatus with respect to an energetic response to, for example, a food, an allergy or an intolerance. Once we have identified the apparatus in question, by working to rebalance we can positively alter the balance of our immune system. Therefore, it is also a great tool at a preventative level.