About Me


Holistic Esthetician

Microblading Artist

Massage Therapist

My passion is helping my clients reach their goals to achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin as well as pain and stress relief by bringing balance within the body and skin.

I specialize in and devote my time to Pre & Post Natal care as well as helping women at all stages in life achieve and maintain beautiful skin, beautiful eye brows and healthy body wellness. Over 15 years of studies, I have integrated a unique approach to a balanced skin and body by utilizing a blend of modalities. True healing takes time and commitment, each client is unique; our goal together will be to create new and healthy habits based on personal needs and lifestyle. When you work with me, you can expect results; to feel cared for, calmed and rejuvenated. Begin your transformation and schedule your appointment today!  925.639.9213


Be Happy & Healthy

Angie Uhle