Holistic Esthetician • Microblading Artist •​ Massage Therapist

​As a Licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and Nutrition Consultant, I am here to honor your best self.

Inside and out.

I am dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier and less painful body and healthy-glowing skin in the simplest, most organic way possible. All while providing you a sanctuary for stress and pain-relief.

It's all connected.
​I'll show you and how, and what you can do in between treatments.


Hi I’m Angie!


After years of honing my craft at a local spa, I decided to go at it on my own and create a service menu and products that reflect my unique style.  My individualized approach considers the many factors that make up your own unique ecosystem: diet, lifestyle and environment.  In each session, a variety of efficiency-driven movements and sustainably-sourced products to support and encourage the skin and the body’s natural functioning.

I specialize in and devote my time to Pre & Post Natal care as well as helping women at all stages in life achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin as well as pain and stress relief by bringing balance within the body and skin.  20+ years of studies, I have integrated a unique approach to a balanced skin and body by utilizing a blend of modalities. True healing takes time and commitment, each client is unique; my hope is to inspire you to live with a better understanding of your own inherent body and beauty – to be empowered in your choices with your body and what you consume. When you work with me, you can expect results; to feel cared for, calmed and rejuvenated. Begin your transformation and schedule your appointment today!  BOOK NOW!


Be Happy & Healthy,

Angie Uhle